Danger Bay Security

Greengoat posted,

Who's all gonna be back for security this year?
Oh, I forgot to mention, King Brian will be screening you prior.....

2023 May 3 1:05 AM

BenTheStripper replied,

I still have a security shirt! It would be cool to have a new one too ;)

2023 May 4 9:20 PM

greengoat replied,

Your a returning security crew member obviously your in.....wait....Brian may still need to pre-screen you....nude

2023 May 4 10:19 PM

BenTheStripper replied,

Guess he'll have to give me the full body cavity search again eh. I'll make sure to eat Indian Mexican fusion beforehand.

2023 May 5 1:49 AM

Bushman replied,

Hey old crew long time no see

Life kinda took over for a decade ….

I’d be happy to be security again in 2024

2023 December 27 3:07 AM