I'm fat and need to skate more!

BenTheStripper posted,

I've gained way to much weight cause I was lazy during the pandemic and need to skate more so I got my leathers again! Also I've been back in Surrey for too long and I hate it here!

2022 July 12 9:05 PM

Djahkobe replied,

Come to Abby you dingus

2022 July 24 8:26 PM

SirJackson replied,

Come to Taggert Tuesday Ben! Do it!!!

Getting my truck on the road again mid this month and I'll be regular again.

2022 August 10 10:29 PM

JVOD replied,

It was late but the trucks on the road again, come to Taggert Ben, do it!

2022 August 30 1:09 AM

DaddyJacky replied,

Ben come fuckin skate bruhhh

2022 September 21 12:24 AM

BenTheStripper replied,

Been coming to Taggert Tuesdays and I hope I see y'all at Kamloops this weekend coming up!

2022 October 9 11:07 PM

chevychase replied,

Ben come skate Mario Kart Deathmatch tour oct28th 730 at the VAG

2022 October 20 3:03 AM

kayla kelly replied,

i swear they come nd give us construction equipment in parkades they know we skate in to make crazy obstacle courses

2023 April 27 12:54 AM