Wes posted,

Word on the street in Vancouver fines are being issued
under the guise of the motor vehicle act,of $109
operation of a miniature vehicle.
Fuck I'm rolling on the floor laughing. This has been
hashed over a century ago here on coast. So here it is
folks for you young guns that don't think to clearly when
facing the man.
Read it and remember it or pay the fine I don't care one
way or the other. This will weed out the weak minded.

This is from section 3 MVA, terms and definitions.

cycle" means a device having any number of wheels
that is propelled by human power and on which a person
may ride and includes a motor assisted cycle, but does
not include a skate board, roller skates or in-line roller

2016 April 13 10:41 AM

Wes replied,

And don't let the man sucker you into the fine from
the highways act,
Misuse of a road way, or highway . It's bogus.
It's for commercial use with out proper permits..
They tried that shit with K RIMES, If memory
serves correct he took my advice, and beat them
in court. All it takes is some brains and the ability
to read.

2016 April 13 10:51 AM


Thanks Wes! Knowledge is power

2016 May 15 4:49 PM