Gary Hardwick the Legend

One Eye posted,

Rust In Peace. A thought came to my head today and let me
know that if Gary was still here I would be racing. Sad but
true. Gary loved Metallica.

2022 April 18 12:20 AM

STRIKE replied,


2015 June 5 5:03 AM

Bucksaw87 replied,

I've spent an inordinate amount of time researching the types of setups that were ridden in Gary's day. Thread bump from 6 years later, but The Venom Skate Podcast has been a huge help in nailing down the types of gear that were ridden back then, as a lot of the online sources have gone offline.

2021 March 15 9:13 AM

shnitzel replied,

one of my idols, one of the first to properly slide toe edge, got to meet and drink beers for a weekend once! still my idol.....

2022 April 4 4:01 PM

evilE replied,

Listen to metal Luka as I read this

2022 April 18 12:20 AM