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Coast Longboarding Message Board
Subject: Global Speed Index Longboard App

Subject: Global Speed Index Longboard App Date: 24-10-2014
Author: GSI Reply
Hey Coast People! First off much respect to all the members of the BC Longboard Scene. You guys are changing the landscape of the sport, and we can feel the BC pulse all the way down here in Cali...

I have been working on a longboard app called Global Speed Index for a while, and would like to invite members of the Coast Community to give it a try...

It is a virtual racetrack and personal training platform designed specifically for longboarding (Dh, LDP). Unlike other speed apps that lump your activity in with running, horseback riding, and squirrel chasing GSI is designed specifically for our sport. Its loaded with features, and Pro members can hide the location where they set the latest record. This allows Pros to compete in a global theater, without compromising the secrecy of that perfect hill...

Since we're all pros here at Coast, once you get the GSI Beta fired up & register, shoot us a message using the email form at the bottom of the Global Speed Index website with "Coast Pro" in the subject line, include the email you used to register, and we will upgrade your account just like that.

The Website is: http://www.GlobalSpeedIndex.com


P.S. I welcome any feedback, but please bear in mind that GSI is still in development. So don't be shy!

Subject: RE: Global Speed Index Longboard App Date: 24-10-2014
Author: GSI Reply
Sorry for the duplicate! I wrote the first on my phone while waiting for some hotfish at PF Changs tonight. Instead of sending a success message, my iPhone displayed some machine code... So I didn't think it went through... So sorry for the duplicate!!!

Subject: RE: Global Speed Index Longboard App Date: 01-11-2014
Author: Jake Balls Reply
Noproblemo brochacho! Thanks for bringing some new shit to this message board. I just sent you my iPhone udid for the Beta. Best of luck with this mothafucker, its exactly what I've been looking for!!!