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Coast Longboarding Message Board

Author: Wes Reply

Ok guys listen up there coming for ya. So you boys out east better be armed with knowledge or your all gonna go down in flames. As in NO MORE FUN. First off, remember this, anyone that says it's dangerous it's only their OPINION nothing more. If it's the law, reporters, drivers, etc, it's an opinion that's it. Nothing more. Secondly you can clearly see it's defined within the Nova Scotia motor vehicle act. So what do we do??? oh I know invoke your Canadian charter of rights. There's all sorts of good stuff about lawful assembly, and mobility rights. Lol one must use the imagination ok. PLEASE REMEMBER IF ANY ACT OR STATUTE INTERFERES/VIOLATES WITH YOUR CHARTER THEN THAT ACT/STATUTE BECOMES NULL AND VOID. THE CHARTER IS SUPREME. You have every right to move freely around any province and the country of Canada. When reading your charter one must remember it's not exactly word for word ok. There is a lot of flexibility. Read the right of association, ask your self who makes the decision on who you associate with?? WELL YOU MAKE THE DECISION NOT SOME ONE ELSE. IF SOME ONE TRYS TO ASSOCIATE YOU WITH A GROUP OR LINK YOU TO ANYONE, THEY VIOLATE YOUR CHARTER. remember to call em on it when it happens. You guys watch your backs out there and be safe, I'm sitting at home with a shitty concussion, and fuck those guys HELMETS SAVE LIVES. Anyone that says different is a cunt. My predator kept my nogging on my head. RCMP out here will not mess around when the charter is thrown on the table. If you guys get it together it will be fine, show respect to the police, kindly point put your rebuttals when referencing the charter. If you guys learn the language along with the belief and conviction in your own words they honestly will go away. THE CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. Under no circumstances do you mention any stupid freeman on the land shit or some idiotic sovereign movement. If the police bring that bullshit up remind them they just violated your freedom of association, do it nicely ok. I hope you guys do well out there, peace.

Roller skates or skate board 172 (1) Subject to subsection (2), it shall be an offence for a person upon roller skates or a skate board to go on a roadway except while crossing on a crosswalk or unless on a roadway authorized by the Minister. (2) The council of a city or an incorporated town may exempt from subsection (1) any roadway within that city or town that is not a highway to which the Public Highways Act applies. R.S., c. 293, s. 172.

Longboard mountain surfing a 'disaster' waiting to happen

CBC 1 hour 55 minutes ago RCMP are asking the public to keep an eye out for thrill- seeking skateboarders in the Annapolis Valley. Police have concerns that longboard riders are risking too much, illegally cruising down hills on busy roads at speeds of up to 70 km/h. As the name implies, longboards are long skateboards, commonly used for cruising, downhill carving or just getting around. One video posted to YouTube earlier this month shows a group of three longboarders weaving their way down the steep hill near the Canning look-off in the Annapolis Valley. Another video shows skaters speeding down the Black Rock Road on the North Mountain between the Annapolis Valley and the Bay of Fundy. A quick search on YouTube turns up videos of people longboarding on steep roadways right across the province. Jenn Slaunwhite, who lives north of Berwick, right at the top of the mountain along Highway 360, has serious safety concerns. I was kind of shocked actually because it's seriously dangerous, especially our road here because its very steep and the turns are hairpin. So when I [found out] they were doing it here, I was kind of shocked. Its not a safe thing to do,she said.

Slaunwhite said her fear is the longboarders may lose control and cross into oncoming traffic. This is a notoriously bad road, anyway that my fear that a car would come, not see them coming, or if they lost control. It could be a terrible tragedy, she said. Recently, while Slaunwhite was on her way down the mountain, she stopped to talk to one of the boarders. I saw two boys and they were walking their boards back up. I basically just said, want you to consider how dangerous this is, not only for you consider how I would feel or somebody driving would feel if we came around the bend and did not see you, she said. He just saidYeah, yeah, and then as I was driving away he said, my dad brings me here. Const. Blair MacMurtery, with Kings District RCMP, said at speeds of 70 km/h, a helmet offers little protection. You've got to consider those inclines, a skateboard not having the opportunity for breaks and fear of all the other unknowns the other vehicles, obstructions in the road, a rock, a stick, even a wild animal. I mean, it just spells disaster, he said. He said not only is it dangerous, but also illegal. "Under section 172 of the Motor Vehicle Act it's illegal for anyone to roller skate or skateboard on a roadway, said MacMurtery. If caught, longboarders could face fines of $147.70 for the first offence. MacMurtery said if anyone sees someone heading up a steep hill with a longboard to give police a call so they can intervene before anyone gets hurt. I get the thrill and I get the challenge but what I don't get is the danger, said Slaunwhite.