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Coast Longboarding Message Board
Subject: Concerns

    RE: Concerns
        RE: Concerns
            RE: Concerns

Subject: Concerns Date: 27-11-2013
Author: Anon. Reply
A lot of you wont like to read this but i hope it gets spread around. maybe someone can copy and paste it on Facebook for me.

I have some safety concerns: Firstly, the simple one. We all wear helmets when we downhill, people get shunned when someone doesnt wear a helmet.

Why does no one wear a helmet when they skate bowl? Someone died in Seylynn last year, and i still see people skate concrete parks without helmets

Secondly, skating the BPs is still a major issue, People are blowing stop signs ALL THE TIME. Just because you're in a big pack doesnt make it safer, just because it's "only one corner" or it's "the same run we always do" doesnt make it safer.

Cars are everywhere, idiot drivers are everywhere.

STOP blowing stop signs. I'm talking classic run, bean run, where ever. If there's a stop sign and you can't see around the corner, SLOW the fuck down, dont just "hug the curb" and let the next guy follow you. I'm talking about the right hand corner leading into camelot, and the right hand corner at the bottom of Butter among others.

Also this group run "mob mentality" of machismo. It's not a fucking race. You dont have to beat K-rimes. Smarten the fuck up, everyone.

Subject: RE: Concerns Date: 27-11-2013
Author: Wes Reply
Hate break it to ya this has not changed in the 8-9 years I've been around. Same old story, mind you it was better back then, more respect from riders to the public. You mentioned idiot drivers, you forgot the main ingredient IDIOT SKATE BOARDERS. I chuckle when I read these posts. Hey don't get me wrong I agree with you 100%. It's called life/mothernature or natural selection, well it doesn't matter what you call it the weak, foolish,stupid, folks with out common sense, well they all get weeded out one way or another, and that's every where not just in Longboarding biking, climbing, sking, skydiving, etc. Don't loose sleep over it roll with the waves and don't go under. It's their personal choice to wear helmets or any other safety gear, blow thru stop signs etc. If your young enough and haven't devolved these dirty habits, like picking your nose and sharing a fat reefer, well maybe some ones good advice may stick between your ears...... But then again perhaps not. Sorry about the rain on parade day. ☔️ Some day soon one of those guys will get run down, they will of course blame the driver, a lot of crying and carrying on, who ever it is most likely will end up in a wheel chair and be a burden to his family, it'll be worse when the addiction to morphine pills takes it's toll, due to the pain. All the while some else is to blame. As the old saying goes you would have been better off dead. But hey your a super star longboarder with no fear. Cars can't possibly hurt you, and of course you do have every right to be there. Go for it. Common sense who the fuck needs that. I have a son he rides 17 yrs old, any public road, (horn lake) I am scared when I'm behind him and traffic is coming, hey he knows what's going on and can handle him self. But I'm a parent that bombs hills, it's different when I'm out there, but let me tell yu what it's a whole new ball game when I see him doing it. Public roads how could I live with my self if he was to be seriously injured or killed. I would die of a broken heart/shame. All I'm saying is to you young hot shots you can be killed in a split fucking second at work depending on your job or bombing on open hills. I'm 50 in January believe me I know lots of guys in the hole from doing stupid things. Stay safe think about the people that love you don't go out and come home DEAD.

Subject: RE: Concerns Date: 27-11-2013
Author: Wes Reply
It's not different when I'm out there I still have some one that loves me and doesn't want to see me get dead either, I just fail to remember that along with every one else. We all suffer from the same problem...... Longboarding down fast hills.

Subject: RE: Concerns Date: 28-11-2013
Author: Laine Reply
Wes, I get the same feeling when I skate with my little brother, he doesn't have the experience yet, but has the skills to hit challenging runs. It scares the hell out of me when I think he'll blow his lane- though he hasn't done so in an unspotted corner yet-but the more I think about it, the more I realize all the chances I've taken on the road to becoming a safe and experienced rider...Luckily he's not as dumb as me, and I'll be there to point him in the safest possible direction.